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5 december 2020
11:00 – 11:00


Stop Craving, Start Receiving, even if you don’t have a partner 😉

Getting your juices flowing during wintertime!

A 5-day Free Touch Fundamentals course in which you will be discovering TOUCH on a deeper level. Master your touch, master your receptivity!

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How often are you feeling in a rut, especially when it comes to intimacy, loving touch, and feeling your desire?

I feel like that sometimes, to be honest. I invite you to join me on a ‘touch’ journey in which I will take you through embodied and heartful, joyous experiences!

You will receive tips and challenges to inspire and surprise you and make you feel more fulfilled. So, this course will not only be about the traditional ways of touch that we are used to. You’ll feel more intimate with yourself and connected with your self-love. You’ll feel more embodied, desirable, and juicy. Because this is as important for single people as for couples, I designed this course for both 😍.


This course is for you when you are, perhaps also because of certain quarantine restrictions, experiencing a lack of loving delicious touch and inspiration for your desire. You wish yourself a warm and nurturing wintertime for your body and soul and you need support for that. Besides that, you are a curious creature and dying without pleasure.

What will you get?

Finally abundantly able to offer yourself or receive what you’ve been craving for, exactly in the way YOU love it. Your lust, happiness, and inspiration are awakened and feeling so much more embodied. Can’t wait to start this super fun and joyful experience?

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Looking so much forward to meeting you on my TOUCH journey 💖💖💖